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balon2_interroganteFrequently Asked Questions



* What can I do on my turn if neither team possesses the ball?

– The rules state that the attacking team is the team that has the ball or had the ball last. If the ball is in a hex without a player to possess it, the options the attacker and defender have on their turns changes. Ball cards cannot and most attacking/defending action cards cannot be played. Therefore players are generally restricted to team repositioning until one team possesses the ball again. When one team regains possession, that team becomes/remains the attacking team and the normal turn order resumes.


* When are new cards picked up?

– Your hand is replenished at the end of your turn (regardless of you attacking or defending). You may draw as many cards as you need to restore your hand back up to its starting limit.
If the ball card pile is empty the half ends. If any other pile of cards are empty, reshuffle the discard pile and redraw from this pile.


* How many cards need to be discarded when a discard occurs?

– After a goal, if you choose to discard, you may only keep a maximum of (i.e. attacking, defending, shot on goal etc) two cards (not including ball cards – they cannot be discarded) from your current hand. If you would like to keep more than two cards from your current hand you may not discard any cards. If you do not want to discard any cards, you do not have to.

At half time, you must discard cards. All ball cards must be discarded. If you wish you may keep a maximum of two cards in your hard (i.e. attacking, defensive, shot on goal etc).
All discarded cards are placed on their relevant discard piles (i.e. a face up pile next to the ‘draw pile’ for that particular card).


* Can I replay face off’s if my opponent beat me?

– Generally No. If the attacker plays a ‘dribble’ Attacking Action Card’ and it is not specifically blocked by the defenders Defending Action Card (i.e. a card which says ‘Blocks: dribble’), the Attacker my choose to replay the faceoff by playing another ‘dribble’ card only. This will force the defender to replay another defending action card and the result of this faceoff will stand.

The defender may choose to replay a tackle if they played a ‘Tackling’ Defender Action Card as long as the attackers Attacking Action Card does not specifically block it (i.e. a card which says ‘blocks: tackling’). To replay the face off the defender must play another ‘Tackling card’ and the attacker must play another Attacking Action Card. The result of this face off will stand.

A face off may only be replayed once.


* What are Dribble and Tackle moves? How do they relate to the Face Off rule?

– A face off occurs when the ball carriers (attacker) hex is adjacent to at least one defenders hex.
During the ‘Attacking Action’ phase, the attacker may play one of their ‘Attacking Action Cards’. The attacking player may choose to either to play the ‘Attacking Action Card’ for:
a) its tactical move (refer to the ‘Tactical Pad’); or
b) the stated dribble move (if there is a defender in an adjacent hex).
This action will commence a face off (refer to face off rules).

During the ‘Defensive Action’ phase, the defender may play one of their ‘Defending Action Cards’ in much the same way as explained for the attacker. They may either play it for its tactical move or the stated tackle move (if there is an attacking ball carrier in an adjacent hex). This action will also commence a face off following the normal face off rules.


* Do I need to Face Off?

– Depends. Face offs are not compulsory on your turn, however, if you wish to dribble the defender as the attacker or tackle the ball carrier (attacker) as the defender you must initiate a face off to do so.

Face Offs are compulsory f your opponent legally initiates a face off against you, you must take part in it and cannot decline


* What happens after a Face Off?

– Whatever the result of the Face off a new attacking turn will begin for the team that has possession of the ball.

If the defender wins the face off, the previous attacker forfeits the rest of their turn (i.e. shot on goal and team positioning). The defender, who now possesses the ball starts their own attacking turn. The previous attacker may still pick up new cards to replenish their hand

If the attacker wins the face off, the attacker forfeits the rest of their turn (i.e. shot on goal and team repositioning) and a new attacking turn starts for them but may still draw new cards to replenish their hand).


* Some tactical moves must be played out of the normal part of my turn, does this mean I can play another in that phase?

– No, you cannot play more than one ‘Tactical Move’ per round (i.e. .One attacking and one defending turn). If you play a tactical move out of the normal turn sequence you must wait to at least you next turn to play another. Keep in mind if, as the defender, you win the ball a new attacking turn starts allowing you to play a new tactical move as a new round has started.


* How do I Kick off?

– A close pass must be played to kick the ball off. This must be done during the ‘Pass or Advance’ phase of the attacker’s initial turn.


* What are Close Passes?

– Close passes are only used in certain situations (kick off, set pieces, thrown –ins etc).
Close passes up to 4 hexes are considered short passes with the same rules applying. Close passes over 4 hexes will be considered long passes with the same rules applying.
Close passes can be blocked if two or more defenders are on either side of the line of hexes which a pass is being attempted.


* How many players I reposition on my turn?

– On your turn you may reposition any player on your team up to 1 hex who has not yet moved this turn.


* How many players can be repositioned at a Game Stoppage? (i.e. corner kick, thrown in etc)

– At a thrown in, only 2 players may be repositioned from each team, starting with the attacking team.
At any other stoppage any number of players may be repositioned, starting with the attacking team.
Attackers and defenders have restrictions on placement, particularly at game stoppages (see the rules).
A goal keepers save is not considered a game stoppage.


* Can I reposition my players at when a corner occurs?

– Yes, as per the normal repositioning rules.




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